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Magic Marine | Horizon Hiking Boots

Magic Marine | Horizon Hiking Boots
Magic Marine | Horizon Hiking Boots
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  • Model : Horizon Hiking Boots
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Horizon Hiking Boots

4mm neoprene | unisex


Supportive neoprene boot specifically designed for hiking with support focused in the upper foot, heel and ankle to aid and promote a positive hiking style. This boot has a high cut ankle with a new lace and loop closure system. The lacing system ensures a secure fit, whilst enabling free range of movement at the ankle. An additional ankle strap with a hook and loop closure adds further ankle support. A double layer upper rubber construction is added to the top of the boot for additional support to the upper foot and limited stretching to keep the foot in place, and add durability when hiking in the foot strap over a range of conditions. Internally the boot has a soft neoprene lining to add warmth and comfort. The perfect boot to aid your hiking!