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Harken T2 FLY | 18 mm

Harken T2 FLY | 18 mm
Harken T2 FLY | 18 mm
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  • Model : Harken T2 FLY | 18 mm
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Carbo T2 | 18 mm FLY Block

fabrikant Harken

Max lijn diameter : 5 mm

Werkbelasting : 125 kg

Breeksterkte : 450 kg.

All T2 blocks come in single and double configurations and can be tied, spliced, or lashed to almost everything.

T2 doubles feature composite line guides that are integrted into the block head.

They keep the block aligned correctly by pushing the lashing line to the outer edges of the block's head.

A Spectra line with Polyesther cover is included